Meet The Author


Author Bio

Kim Vermaak is an author and brand builder who has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. Her super power is to craft stories that not only transport her readers into the hearts and worlds of the characters she creates, but also to create a culture of wisdom.

Although Kim always had a pen in her hand, whether doodling, writing or planning, it was not until South Africa had its first load shedding that she discovered the power of her stories. When the lights went out, it was winter and she and her family found themselves unprepared. With no candles or gas cooker, and a frightened daughter, she used her words to inspire courage.

Kim had to overcome a few fears of her own to take the first tentative steps to becoming an author. But when she saw the power that books had to transform a family, she vowed to help other authors to create a better life for themselves by embracing their creative talents.

This author writes in the medieval period because she believes that this time of history embraces the full complexity of the human condition. It was a period where politics, religion, murder, love and mythology all blended into daily life.

People had to create lives of their own within a brutal and unforgiving landscape. In Kim’s early life she felt like the medieval characters from her books. The plans and schemes of authorities over which she had no control over trapped her. You will find little hints of her life woven into the book series.

Kim found her way to her beloved adoptive parents after being abused and abandoned. It was there that she found the gift of new beginnings. Her adoptive family were her first heroes, and it was within this family that she learned her love of reading.

Books helped Kim found her courage. They were a place where characters who faced severe trials could rise and create a new way of life. It is this gift of courage that drives her to create the stories that inspires others to create their own legacy.

Life at Home

Kim is married and has three natural children, aged 18, 8 and 5 years. She also has three adult step children. She lives in Johannesburg in the province of Gauteng in South Africa, although she spent most of her childhood in Port Elizabeth, in the Province of the Eastern Cape.

As a family they love movies, day hikes, cards, playing charades or snuggling with a kitty. Home life is a noisy, busy affair full of adventure and they spend Sunday mornings at the church that they have been with for over 15 years. They typically enjoy supper at the table with a ritual of celebrating their wins for the day. While having friends over is a rare occurrence because of the sheer magnitude of coordinating the family into some sense of order, they love to have people over to celebrate life together.

In winter you will find mattresses on the floor of the lounge with everyone bundled under the duvet with a bowl of popcorn and favourite DVD. But it is not just play. Kim is committed to rearing her family with an entrepreneurial spirit and so they make time to watch webinars or YouTube training to fuel the family’s goals to the future.

Kim’s love of event coordination comes into play at Christmas, Easter and birthdays, She loves to colour coordinate these celebrations and makes sure that each person feels special. 

 On Easter morning you will find Kim in a gown and slippers lurking around in the dark finding secret hideouts for the Easter eggs, This tradition does not diminish as the children get older. 

It is is not just fun and rituals. Kim devised her own family quiz that she brings out every Christmas to remind the family of the true purpose of Christmas.