Content Creation

Do you want to engage more with your clients?

Does your website content look too much like a catalogue?

As a medieval author I spend weeks researching aspects of medieval life so that I can better capture the hearts and minds of my readers. They have to love my characters and immerse themselves into the worlds I build. 

This is what turns readers into super fans.The same is true for companies.  

You don’t just want more sales; you want a set of fans that will weather storms with you when times are tough and will shout your praises when times are good. One of the ways to engage with your customers is through blogs. Blogs are the most effective way to build brand awareness. 

They not only drive traffic to your website through relevant and useful content, they also build trust. A well-written blog shows your customers that you care about their needs and want to add value to their lives.If you are unconvinced as to the relevance of content marketing, here are some statistics that can assist you in creating an online strategy. 

According to studies, a search is the number one traffic source to blogs across all industries. (SEMrush, 2019) (Source: Taking this into consideration, you can see why it is important for you to have articles are easy to read, without jargon and will engage with your client. 

The blog may be the landing page for your customers, but it can drive them to your other sales pages on your website.Articles that are >3,000 words get 3 times more traffic, 4 times more shares, and 3.5times more back links than shorter articles. (SEMrush, 2019) (Source: how does that help you with your customer?

 First you have to get into your client’s minds and hearts.  This is where Google Analytics can help you.  Every person who creates a Google account enters information such as their age, gender, interests, etc.  This may be information that your customers don't easily tell you. 

When you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you can access this information. When I used it for my site, I found that I had a larger number of men that visited the site than I originally had anticipated. I had to create content to appeal to their interests as well as the women who visit my pages.Then you have to do a bit of research on topics that the public is typically asking about your product. 

 On my page I have created a medieval period page that answers questions, like:  “Were medieval castles cold?”  or “When did the medieval period start?”Armed with your website visitors interests and questions, you can create articles in your site that speaks to your clients’ needs. Naturally if you are an engineering company and your clients are interested in drama, that may not be an ideal mix. But it could mean that when you create your content, you create a sense of drama in your copy.This is where a professional author or content creator can help you engage more effectively with your clients.  I use this same process to create content for my medieval fantasy fans and for my clients who consult with me on marketing. 

The bottom line is that you customers want to know that they matter to you before they will give you their loyalty. Does this mean that you have to spend so many hours creating all this content that you don’t get down to doing what is important, which is selling your products and services?

No, it means outsource your writing so that you can get on with doing what you do best. 

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